Federal Specification AA-F-358J

Federal Specification AA-F-358J and GSA Approved Class 5 and Class 6 Containers

                Federal specifications rule a large portion of the Security industry. The U.S. Government and the General Services Administration (GSA) set the bar really high on matters of security, structure, toughness and design for the products that companies like us sell. That’s why abiding by federal specifications is so important for our business; knowing that our products abide by the toughest standards out there should be very comforting for our clients. That’s why we’re going to do a series on certain federal specifications and how they affect our different products and how we offer them to you.


                Federal Specification AA-F-358J

                What is Federal Specification AA-F-358J? It is a standard that pertains to GSA approved cabinets and security containers. It covers un-insulated filing cabinets which have been designed to meet the filing and storage criteria for classified national security information per Executive Order 13526 governing the classification, declassification, downgrading and safeguarding of national security information. These cabinets must provide protection against unauthorized entry for certain periods of time. The specification was last updated in November 2010; the basic framework has been in place for years but updating is common to keep with new technology and techniques. The cabinets that operate under this specification are considered limited use items; to be sold only to the federal government, government contractors and other organizations authorized by the government.

                The meat of the specification is the details about preventing forced/unauthorized entry, classes and size.

                The regulations for Class 5 filing cabinets resistance against unauthorized entry are as follows:

                20 man-hours of surreptitious entry

 30 man-minutes of covert entry

 10 man-minutes of forced entry

This applies across all cabinet sizes; 2, 4, 5 drawer letter size and 2, 4, 5 drawer legal size; if the cabinet is a 5-W model (intended for the storage of weapons) then the requirement of proof against 10 man-minutes of forced entry across 2, 4 and 5 legal drawer sizes.

The regulations for Class 6 filing cabinets are as follows:

20 man-hours of surreptitious entry

30 man-minutes of covert entry

No forced entry requirements

These requirements are required across 2, 4, 5 legal drawer and 2, 4, 5 letter drawer sizes.

The rules for cabinet design are also laid out by the specification.  Any cabinet model must have one (or all) of these features. Dual lock (two separate mechanical locks), dual multiple locks which are independently locking drawers with one or two combination locks with a separate locking mechanism and the lock style must hand or key changeable. The specification covers virtually everything else about the cabinet design; from the hardware, the metal used for the construction, dimensions and weight, the finishing materials, coating/plating and even the color of the finish.

The entire specification can be read in full at this link; it is listed under AA-F-358J.

Here at www.safeandvault.com we have more than one product that will abide by the rules and regulations that the specification sets out.

Our Class 5 GSA Approved Safes and IPS Containers can fulfill your needs and federal requirements; as well our Class 6 Approved Safes, Cabinets and Field Safes. With these items, you’ll find it considerable easier to work within government regulations. Plus, we’ll help you do it without breaking the bank.

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