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SCIF Container Solutions, Panelized Modular Systems for Scalable Modular & Portable Mobile Requirements Meeting ICD 705 Standards

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Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SCIF Secure Repository

SCIFs are used as a site for sensitive and confidential information to be discussed or shared. They are utilized by government and private entities to protect information. A SCIF could be a secure room or data center that shields against electronic surveillance and prevents data leakage of sensitive information.

There are several security concerns to be addressed when building a SCIF:

  • Physical Security and Hardening
  • Acoustic Controls
  • Visual Controls
  • Alarms and Access Controls
  • Electronic and TEMPEST Security
  • Built to ICD 705 Standards

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Rapid SCIF

Why Choose a Rapid SCIF

This line of predesigned ISO shipping containers are ready to be built to the ICD 705 standards. These Rapid SCIFs allow the customer to skip over the lengthy design process and go straight to the design approval. Rapid SCIFs are the fastest and most cost-efficient option to build a secure space ensured to meet security requirements.

  • Pre-designed floor plans eliminate weeks of design development
  • Cost of these secure facilities are already established because of the fixed configurations
  • Purchased as equipment, rather than traditional construction, simplifying the acquisition process
  • Receive a formal quote and sales proposal within one business day

Included in each Rapid SCIF:
  • Power and Pathway for customer provided Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Power and Pathway for customer provided Access Control System (ACS)
  • Power and Pathway for customer provided Video Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Cooling System
  • Unlimited Accreditation Consulting Support

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Specialists in Accredited SCIFs

Planning and Consulting for Secure Facilities and Containers

Each SCIF has to be built to very specific standards. These standards are all laid out in the ICD (Intelligence Community Directive) 705 Tech Spec manual. This manual is managed and maintained by ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence). ODNI is in charge of managing, processing, and safeguarding information for the entire country. The purpose of the 705 policy is to create a set of mutually accepted standards that will safeguard national security information.

When constructing a SCIF, you will be working closely with an Accrediting Official (AO). The AO is the person who decides whether or not your facility receives accreditation and is able to house classified information or programs. Each of our SCIF containers includes unlimited accreditation consulting support.

Things covered in the ICD/ICS 705 that your AO will be looking for include:

·       Perimeter

o   Radio frequency

o   TEMPEST – Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA)

o   Acoustic and physical protection from outside security threats

·       Access Control Systems (ACS)

·       Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

·       Compartmented Areas (CA)

o   Closed storage

o   Open storage

o   Secure working areas (SWA)

o   Temporary secure working areas (TSWA)

·       Interior vaults and security doors for access controls

·       Emergency exits and notification systems

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