Simple Key Loaders | Storing Classified Materials

Important Devices in Safe Containers

                Simple Key Loaders (which are part of the “fill devices” family) are electronic modules used to load cryptographic keys into encryption machines. Simple Key Loaders are usually hand-held and battery powered for use in the field. It is a government-only sale item and is used by the military branches and groups like the NSA and CIA.

                The current Simple Key Loader used by our armed forces is the model AN/PYQ-10. The software was developed by the Science Applications International Corporation in partnership with the United States Army and National Security Agency. It is a rugged field unit built for the purpose of transferring data between compatible cryptographic and communications equipment. In layman’s terms, a Simple Key Loader is way to unscramble coded information. Without the cryptographic keys stored on a SKL, you couldn’t transform the data from cipher-text to plain-text. It also works in reverse; you use the device to activate the encryption of an outgoing transmission.

                Several companies manufacture Simple Key Loaders for the U.S. government.

                The Sierra Nevada Corporation produces a hand-held computer; the “Electronic Keychain” and 100,000 of these designs have been put in the field. This model replaced the Data Transfer Device; the Simple Key Loader is lighter, more rugged and more advanced.

                Sypris Electronics produces a similar device called the Really Simple Key Loader (RASKL). It is designed to extremely user-friendly and portable, it weighs less than 1 lbs.  They recently secured a $200 million contract with the Department of Defense to produce the RASKL.

                Another important concern for the government is the storage of these devices on and off the field. The devices are often critical to tactical or strategic security so they need to be defended. sells a variety of GSA-approved safes and containers made by the Hamilton Group.

                Hamilton products such as the Class 6 Army Field Safe; it has a S&G 2937 GRI combination lock for access control and it can be mounted in vehicles or other mobile application environments. A dual lock design is also available. They are a great choice for compartmentalized security measures. There are also the Class 5/6 AA&E Key Storage Containers; which fit into file cabinets, safe and lockers. They are GSA approved and rated for the storage of classified materials. The containers are available with roll-out shelves, storage lockers or drawers and come with a one-year warranty. Several other great options are the line of IPS Containers; the IPS 30-29-24 is great for the storage of computer equipment, network servers and encryption devices; a digital lock combination allows for two person integrity. It has proper air filtration abilities and white glove deliveries are available for the product.




                When it comes to security, multiple options and choices are essential. Safeandvault’s Hamilton products are excellent choices for the government’s need to protect their security devices like the Simple Key Loader. If they can protect them, it will help protect us.