Used versus New GSA Containers


How to Determine if your GSA Container Needs Repaired or Replaced with a Used SafeRepair a GSA container

1. Consult with experienced professionals
We work directly with the manufacturer, engineers of the containers and certified locksmiths to determine what the issue is with your GSA container to ensure that your storage goals and needs are met in a timely manner. A primary aspect of our customer service policy is to RESPECT your needs, time and budget. For online price information and a quote, please click the image below.

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2. Determine if the container is under warranty
All new Hamilton GSA containers come with a full 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. If there are issues with the drawer heads, control drawer or the X-09 lock or S&G 2937 on any file cabinet, weapons storage system, narcotics locker, evidence storage safe or IPS container we will assist you to repair or replace the parts that are covered under the written warranty.

3. Consult the DoD Lock Program
It is vital to consult the lock program professionals at the DoD. They have the final say, specifications, policies and requirements on repair and storage. The GSA sets the standards and test containers, combination locks, and vault doors to ensure the best levels of operations, field reliability and performance that is a requirement in each Federal specification.

Department of Defense Lock Program:
Technical Support Hotline
Phone: (805) 982-1212, toll-free (800) 290-7607, or DSN 551-1212