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UPDATE from ISOO on Re-certified, Re-manufactured and Reconditioned Containers

Re-certified, refurbished or remanufactured GSA Approved Security Containers and ISOO Notice 2012-04. We only provide brand new containers as according to ISOO Notice 2012-04,  classified information may not be stored in security containers that have been reconditioned, refurbished, or remanufactured and obtained outside of the authorized GSA procurement process.

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We offer only brand new GSA Approved Containers meeting #FF-L-2740. We no longer offer a used, refurbished or remanufactured GSA safes from Mosler, Diebold and Hamilton Safe company. These re-certified containers are reconditioned and inspected by a GSA locksmith before they are offered for sale.The process of having GSA containers serviced is very detailed and requires a certified locksmith. Each and every part is checked for defects and if necessary will be replaced or repaired. The full process can be very lengthy as all of our used safes, file cabinet and containers go through a powder coated paint process. Prior to being ready for sale, each container is cleaned, oiled and must pass inspection by the locksmith.Label on GSA Container

After the container has passed the inspection service and process, a re-certification label is placed on the front of the safe. If the container is a file cabinet it is place on the upper left corner of the drawer head. These metal labels must be on the container for it to be GSA approved. 

The original serial numbers of the safe be it Mosler, Diebold or Hamilton will still be present on the inside of the file cabinet drawer. These can easily be seen on any two drawer or four drawer container. 

This is a photograph (below) is of a two drawer GSA container that has been re-painted and powder coated gray. The 2 drawer head had a roll out suspension problem, that caused the original X-08 lock on the TPI control drawer to not function properly.
GSA Approved
During normal use the container could not be used as the control drawer head was not functional. After the refurbishing process, a full repair with new parts and fresh paint the container can no longer be sold for DoD Approved storage of classified materials, evidence, weapons, narcotics, cash, money or other items per ISOO Notice 2012-04

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