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GSA Container
Military Spec Safes

For the storage of high security documents, both classified and top secret level, a GSA Approved Safe is required by all Federal agencies and branches of the military. These DoD approved safes are available in both file cabinets, containers and field use safes.

There currently are two classifications of military spec safes including Class 6 and Class 5. Known as "gsa safes" or "gsa approved containers" there are distinct differences in both construction and specific use. 





The Class 6 safes are the lower rated of the two containers (opposite of what most people think) and are approved for the storage of Classified and Top Secret documents, materials as well as hard drives. The Class 5 safes can store the same documents and materials as the Class 6 but are also approved for the storage of weapons, evidence, ammunition, narcotics and weapons. Buy a gun safe for handgun, shotguns, weapons and ammunition online.

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