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HSM Powerline FA400.2 Strip-cut Continuous-Duty Industrial Shredder

HSM Classic 225.2 HS L6 Cross-Cut Shredder

HSM V-Press 860S Vertical Baler

HSM 1049 SA - PET Bottle & Can crusher with 3 Phase Power

HSM Classic 125.2 HS L6 Cross-Cut Shredder; White Glove Delivery

HSM Powerline SP 4040c V Cross-cut Shredder/Baler Combination; includes oiler, white glove delivery

HSM SECURIO P36 HS L6 Optical Media Combo Shredder

HSM Shredder Box Insert - fits Classic 40VL Series Balers

HSM Shredder Bags - fits HSM 40VL Baler

HSM Classic 125.2 High Security Level 6 Cross-Cut Shredder

HSM Plastic bags - fits HSM 12 Gigant Baler

HSM V-Press 504 Vertical Baler

HSM SECURIO B34 HS L6 Cross-Cut Shredder

HSM Strapping Twine - V-Press 60 Manual Plastic Film Baler

HSM Powerline HDS 230-1 Mixed Media Destroyer

HSM Strapping Tape - for HSM KP80 & KP88, V-Press 504 & 8TE Balers

HSM V-Press 60 Plastic Film Baler

HSM Baler Bags - fits HSM V-Press 60 Baler