Magnetic Form Holder Package


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Package Includes:


•Open/Close Magnet

•SF-700 Magnetic Form Holder

•SF-701 Magnetic Form Holder

•SF-702 Magnetic Form Holder

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Open/Close Magnet


SF-700 Magnetic Form Holder for Security Container Information - Designed to house the SF-700 Form that contains vital information about the security container in which it is located. This information includes location, container number, lock serial number, and contact information if the container is found open and unattended.


SF-701 Magnetic Form Holder for Activity Security Checklist - Designed to house the SF-701 Form, which is a checklist that is filled out at the end of each day to ensure that classified materials are secured properly and allows for employee accountability in the event that irregularities are discovered.


SF-702 Magnetic Form Holder for Security Container Check Sheet - Designed to house the SF-702 Form that provides a record of the names and times that persons have opened, closed and checked a particular container that holds classified information.

Dimensions Height Length

 SF 700 Form Holder   


 7 1/2"

 SF 701 Form Holder



 SF 702 Form Holder

10 1/2"

 5 1/2"

 Open/Close Magnet