M1200T4 - Type 4 Indoor / Outdoor - Type 2 Indoor - Non-Bullet Resistant Magazine Storage Building


Type 4 Magazines are designed to store Low Explosives and can be placed indoors or outdoors. Our Type 4 magazines are made of steel and are all weather, theft and fire resistant. These units are constructed of a 12 gauge, formed, outer wall and are lined on the interior with ½” plywood sheets. 2 hooded hasps for padlocks are placed on the door to prevent tampering and forced entry.  Our Type 4 magazines are also approved to store Type 2 Indoors, where the building it is housed meets bullet-resistant expectations.

M1200T4 Explosive Magazine

Dimension 8'4"H x 7'W x 9'D

Approx. Ship. Wt. 2,692Lbs.

Door Style - 1 - 42" W x 80" H door   

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Type 4 Explosive Storage Magazines provide safe and compliant storage options for High and Low Explosives. Our Type 4 Magazines are designed for Type 4 Indoor, Type 4 Outdoor and Type 2 Indoor use.  If you are storing High Explosives Outdoors please search part number M200T2, which includes the required Bullet-Resistant Rating.

All Magazines are designed to be Weather, Fire and Theft Resistant. Additionally, they are the only Magazines currently offering an optional upgrade of 2 or 4 hour Fire-Rated Walls. Our proprietary wall design has also been tested and rated to withstand F-5 Tornado winds and associated impacts (Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center).


Type 2 Bullet Resistant Design Standard Features

Standard Features:
  • Bullet Resistant Design Meets or exceeds ATF specs 27 CFR 555.11. (Pg. 75 ATF Ruling 76-18 (b) “Exterior of ½” Steel, lined with an interior of not less than 3/8” Plywood”).
  • Magazine constructed with double wall, welded construction with 3” airspace throughout.
  • Exterior walls made of 10-gauge, formed, Galvannealed Steel. Roof is 16-gauge.
  • Interior walls made of 3/8” Steel Plate.
  • Interior of structure lined with 1" Plywood (Ceiling 1/2" and Floor 3/4" Plywood). All spark-producing material is covered or sealed.
  • Door – 63”H x 42”W (M200 - 1200 Magazine). Door – 80”H x 60”W (M1600 - M8000 Magazine). Exterior Mounted Cam Lock. (2) Hooded Padlock Hasps at 45° Angle. Door made of Bullet Resistant construction with a 1” overlap on all sides.
  • Door Panels grounded to wall face.
  • Multiple Static Grounding Connections.
  • Inlet Vents for natural ventilation.
  • Lifting Lugs.
  • Removable Caster Assembly (800Lb. capacity per Caster) - or - I-Beam Base Support with Fork Channels.
  • Hazard Labeling.
  • Finish is a two-part chemical resistant aliphatic polyurethane.
NOTE: Magazine may require State Approval. Please check with your Local Authorities (ie: Fire Marshall) to determine if State Approval and/or State Seal are required. Additional charges and lead times may apply.

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M2400T4 Explosive Magazine

Dimension 8'4"H x 14'W x 8'D

Approx. Ship. Wt. 5,978 Lbs.

Door Style - 1 - 60" W x 80" H door