IPS Container 54-45-24, GSA Approved Class 5 with X10 Lock


This IPS container is GSA Approved Class 5 and comes standard with the KabaMas X10 lock that meets the FF-L-2740 requirement. Special Pricing for budgetary and RFQ or RFP's available. Fill out the form to the right >

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GSA Approved IPS Container 54-45-24 Class 5

GSA Approved Hamilton Products Group
GSA Approved IPS Containers are designed for the closed-door operation of your COMSEC
- COMPUSEC - INFOSEC Communications - computer equipment. These containers provide
for the unmanned, on-line operation of computers, network servers and workstations that
process classified information.

Electronic Dial Combination Lock that allows for TPI (Two Person Integrity).

Magnetic Open Closed SignsOptional Fixed Shelf or Sliding Shelf Accessory

IPS 54-45-24 Hamilton Products Group
Model: IPS 54-45-24
Net Weight: 1600 lbs
Shipping Weight: 1,680 lbs
Inside Dimensions: 50 1/2”H x 26 1/4”W x 40
Outside Dimensions: 51 1/4”H x 27”W x 45”D
Clear Door Opening: 48 1/2”H x 24 1/4”W
  • Add 3” to the height of the single door units for bottom supports (base feet).
  • Add 4 3/4” to the container width for air shroud extensions.
  • Add 2 1/2” to the depth of the containers for lock/hinge extensions.
The IPS 54-39-24 containers have 2 fans located in the top of the cabinet to evacuate the interior air. Fans are 10” dia., 550 CFM free air each.
• A 12”x 20”x1” filter is required in the base of the container for proper air filtration (not included.)
• The cable entry box has six (6) 1⁄2” diameter hole openings to accommodate the power and signal input cables into all containers.
(Cable entry opens up to 11⁄2” x 5” opening for insertion of multi-pin connectors and plugs prior to re-assembly of cable box. Mounting is provided on
the outside of the container for bolting on an electrical enclosure for the attachment of conduit.)
• Unit can be equipped with either the 19” or 24” EIA vertical rack mounts with 24U rack units.
Please specify at the time of order placement