HT-15 Point to Point Air Tube System in 4 1/2" or 6" Tube Diameters from Hamilton Air


Hamilton’s HA-33 handles the most demanding commercial deposit challenges

4 ½ inch tube diameter systems. The HT-15 is also available in a 6 inch tube system for transporting extra large and heavy loads.

Ideal for transporting items such as:

  • Money and paperwork within the branch
  • ATM Replenishment...underground point to point
  • Parts at manufacturing facilities
  • Materials for healthcare or R&D labs
  • Weigh station paperwork and dock tickets

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HT-15 air tube system from Hamilton Air
Hamilton Air

Fast and efficient, Hamilton Air Point-to-Point air tube transport systems increase efficiency in many different work environments including banks, drive up or drive through pharmacy applications, warehouses, retail and manufacturing facilities. Pneumatic tube diameters are available in 4.5” and 6” tube sizes. Carriers can accommodate substantial loads with a range of up to ½ mile and all units run on standard 115 VAC circuits.

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Small Parts
Work and Shop Orders


Samples, production materials

HT-15 Pneumatic Air Tube System
Multiple Point-to-Point Pneumatic System configurations available.
Choose from Overhead, Down Send, Up Send, or a combination of both Up Send and Down Send.
Overhead HT-19 unit has remote mounted turbines...
remote mounted turbines provide whisper quiet operation, for office and pharmacy type situations.
Double-Sided Overhead HT-19 Teller Unit...

the HT-19 Dual and the HT-19-DDT overhead tube systems allow for heavy traffic with dual sided terminals at either one, or both ends.

Up Send, Down Send, or both...
the HT-15 series is available as an up send unit, a down send unit, or you can choose to have one up send and one down send.  This is great for situations where you might be transporting information between floors and you want to keep the length of tubing required down to a minimum.
Built-in turbines on the HT-15 system...

affords the most simplistic installation possible.  Simply mount the HT-15 Up Send or Down Send models to the wall, or on the available Pedestal, run the tubing, and plug them in!