HA-47 Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Pneumatic Air Tube System from Hamilton Air


The HA-47 air tube system and carriers are best for heavy weight tranactions that need to be moved

One touch operation - just push the "send" button
• Clear communications - with customer service representatives through Hamilton's technically advanced audio systems
• Two-way video option - for remote customer service installations
High payload capacity - the HA-47 carrier volume exceeds 300 cubic inches and rolled coin, parts, paperwork and materials are handled with ease

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Product Details
Hamilton Air HA-47 air tube system
Hamilton Air

The Hamilton Air HA-47 uses a unique carrier that customers find easy to handle. The carrier lies flat, opens square and accepts envelopes and documents easily. In addition, the carrier is large enough and the unit powerful enough to move substantial quantities of coin or other heavy objects.

Hamilton Air’s HA-47 is designed to accommodate both retail and commercial customers. The unit is powerful enough and the carrier large enough to move substantial quantities of coins, large prescriptions or other heavy objects.

HA-47 Pneumatic Air Tube System
  • Unique carrier lies flat, opens square and exceeds 300 cubic inches of volume
  • Customer unit is constructed of all weather low maintenance stainless steel
  • Ideal for new construction and replacement projects
  • Crystal clear communications with Hamilton Air’s 5000 Series audio system and optional two-way LCD video.