HA-33 Large Capacity Commercial Grade Pneumatic Air Tube System from Hamilton Air


Hamilton’s HA-33 handles the most demanding commercial deposit challenges

Rolled coin, paperwork , pharmaceuticals and even night deposit bags can be transported. The powerful HA-33 also delivers heavy-duty benefits for your commercial business requirements as well as heavy duty needs at the drive-up or drive thru lanes.

• Huge carrier Capacity–over 500 cubic inches

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HA-33 air tube system from Hamilton Air
Hamilton Air

 The HA-33 Hamilton Air tube system is the largest pneumatic drive-up system available, able to handle demanding commercial transactions.

  • Large 10 inch commercial system constructed of low maintenance stainless steel
  • Simple operation backed by Hamilton Airs legendary reliability
  • Huge carrier capacity: over 500 cubic inches
  • Can easily accept and transport heavy items such as rolled coin, night deposit bags, paperwork and other large commercial items
  • Crystal clear communications with Hamilton Air 5000 Series audio video systems
HA-33 Pneumatic Air Tube System

 Easy-to-use captive carrier– accepts night-deposit bags and heavy,commercial coin and currency deposits

• One-touch operation–just push the “send”button

• No customer confusionor fumbling.All your customer has to do is look at the HA-33’s top-loading carrier and they’ll know immediately how to operate it

• Optimum presentation height reduces the distance a driver must reach to operate the HA-33

• Crystal-clear communicationwith state-of-the-art Hamilton audio system• Optional two-way videoprovides the ultimate in teller and customer communication

• Easy and versatile installation options–for both new construction and remodeling

• Low maintenancestainless steel, all-weather construction• Legendary Hamilton reliability