FireKing Card, Check and Note Fireproof Cabinet


Price: $4,594.00

Best for cards, checks and notes, the FireKing cabinet is the perfect choice of businesses worldwide.
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The fire proof file cabinet that is best for cards, check or notes for business banks, financial institutions, universities


FireKing Card-Check-Note Files, 4 Drawer Fireproof Cabinet

FireKing 4 Card Check and Note Files The four (4) drawer fire safe cabinet has a UL 1 Hour fire and impact rating. All Card, Check and Note files feature a UL-listed high-security Medeco key lock. A wide variety of additional locking options are available to secure confidentiality. Plus, these files offer the option of 2 or 3-section card trays and inserts to allow you the flexibility your filing systems require. They come in nine standard colors and can be delivered to your loading dock for free.

4 Drawer Card Check Note

FireKing 4-2536-C

External Dimensions:
36.19" Height
25.25" Width
31.5" Depth
Appx. Ship Weight 706 lbs

fireproof cabinet, fire resistant UL Fire Rating
FireKing fire proof files carry the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label on their insulated records protection equipment, the product must meet or exceed the UL 72 testing standards.
ul tested fire safe UL Impact Rating - The UL Impact Rating is equivalent to a fall from a three story building.

FireKing fireproof lateral filing cabinets carry the UL 350 1-hour fire rating. After a product has passed the Fire Endurance Test, another sample of the same product may be tested for fire and impact.
explosion proof UL Explosion Rating
For this test, the sample is prepared in the same manner as for the two previous tests. The test furnace is left empty and heated to 2000F. The testers quickly open the door and insert the sample. For 30 minutes (20 minutes for units rated hour), the furnace is kept at 2000F. If no explosion takes place, the sample remains in the furnace until it cools sufficiently to handle.
water protection file cabinet Water Protection - 95% of fires have water present

Sprinklers and fire hoses often cause more damage than the fire itself. All FireKing files are designed to prevent water damage resulting from water sprinkler systems and fire hoses. FireKing, the best records protection you can buy, will protect your documents from fire disaster.
ul listed high security lock Key Lock Medeco
All FireKing files come standard with a Medecco high-security key lock. Programmable electronic locks are available for most FireKing files. You can specify one E-lock for the cabinet or order your fire safe file with E-locks on each filing drawer (Turtle files are equipped with standard key locks).