D11 SecureCash Deluxe


The SecureCash Deluxe is a state-of-the-art solution designed specifically for the needs of your business. Focused on simplicity and security, the unit is ideal for point-of-sale and under-counter installations. This automated machine is so easy to use, your retail staff can complete routine deposits without supervision and feel safer thanks to less exposure of cash.

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Product Details
Product Description
Flexibility and convenience for automated cash processing Take advantage of the unit’s plug-and-play system with its hassle-free installation and user-friendly interface that can get you fully operational in record time. Once installed, simply insert up to 30 notes at a time. Notes are instantly registered, counted, and deposited. With manual note counting and verification a thing of the past, you’ll free up time to run and grow your business and save money on staffing costs. Monitor your money in real time Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of same-day credit. When your retail staff makes deposits, the amount registered is automatically credited to your bank account within the same business day. With Gunnebo’s CashControl web-based monitoring software, you’ll always know the machine’s cash levels in real time, ensuring full transaction transparency at all times. The choice is yours Choose monitoring software that is hosted locally, centrally, by Gunnebo, or by your retail outlet. If you like, you can grant access to cash-in-transit (CIT) partners, greatly optimizing your planning and pick-up processes. Gunnebo’s service center can also monitor your machines remotely to ensure ongoing maintenance and updates before a problem occurs. Easy to use and service Using a friendly user interface on an intuitive touch screen, SecureCash Deluxe/ Deluxe Plus greatly reduces training time necessary for new users. In order to service the machine, a user will only need access to the front panel. Everything is readily accessible, except the cash stored securely within the unit, minimizing costly downtime without compromising security.
Availability 24/7 self-service
Operation Free-standing front-load and service, staff-operated
Operating system Embedded MQX
Note acceptors 1
Deposit capacity Bundle up to 30 notes (multiple deposits possible)
Deposit speed 2.5 notes/second
Cassette capacity 900, 1200, or 2200 notes, up to 2 cassettes/device
Communication TCP/IP, GPRS/3G (optional)
Dimensions 24.50x10.20x17.99 in. (LxWxH)
Weight 100 lbs
Power supply 100-230 VAC, 60/50Hz (20A)
Power consumption 65W (idle), 85W (normal)
Operating condition T 32–140°F, H 45–95%

• Enhanced security and peace of mind thanks to the efficient cash management system
• Faster return on investment
• Unrivalled protection against fraudulent notes
• Increased efficiency and higher acceptance rates due to advanced recognition algorithms that confirm notes as genuine
• Time and cost savings as a result of a simplified cash-handling process, and reduced maintenance and downtime
• Less back office administration due to easy-to-use configuration and simple installation
• Complete transaction transparency for zero cash discrepancies
• Real-time, web-based monitoring of cash levels via CashControl software
• Ability to approve CIT companies for cash collections
• Overnight closure