D1 SecureCash Lite


SecureCash Lite is a secure and intelligent frontline cash-handling solution. Notes are deposited at the point-of-sale, ensuring note validation and instant note value data.

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Product Details
Product Description
Using the optional SmartBag with SecureCash Lite means your cash does not need to be touched from the time it enters a till until it arrives at your Bank or Cash Center. No more manual counting or verification. Notes are validated immediately after insertion. The self-sealing, tamper-evident, barcode-labeled SecureCash Lite SmartBag provides a simplified cash cycle and streamlines processes. During cash collection, only the bag is removed. The cassette is then ready for a new SmartBag to be installed. With a capacity of up to 1,000 notes, the SmartBag adapts to the amount of notes inserted. It is a lighter and less bulky solution, which results in less space required in cashin- transit (CIT) vehicles, allowing for greater operational efficiencies. The temptation and opportunity for a robbery is reduced. The cash is secured right up to the point of processing, ensuring your staff feels safer.

Steel housing

0.1 in. casing
Operating system Windows 7 embedded
Feeder capacity Single note deposit

Mei SC Advance reader
transaction speed

2.3 notes/second to stack

Cash Box capacity

1200 standard cassette - 1000
notes cassette bag (optional)


TCP/IP - 3G and
Bluetooth (optional)


SecureCash Lite 1200
13.8 x 5.1 x 16.5 in. (HxWxD to
the end of the bezel) No
electronic lock option

Weight  30.4 lbs.
Voltage  120V AC
Current  8.2A

• Enhanced security and peace of mind thanks to the efficient cash management system

• Faster return on investment

• Time and cost savings as a result of a simplified cash-handling process, as well as reduced maintenance and down time

• Less back-office administration due to easy-to-use configuration and simple installation

• Complete transaction transparency for zero cash discrepancies

• Real-time, web-based monitoring of cash levels via CashControl software

• Ability to approve CIT companies for cash collections

• Unrivalled protection against fraudulent notes

• Increased efficiency and higher acceptance rates due to advanced recognition algorithms that confirm notes as genuine at point-of-sale

• Simple, safe and efficient