Centralized Narcotics Medications Storage & Distribution System


Narcotics Medication Storage Systems | Secure Safes & Distribution for 911 Ambulatory & Healthcare Facilities

  • Designed with Compliance, Tracking & Distribution in mind.
  • Tracking / Auditing Capable Controls for Security
  • Two (2) Factor Authentication available
  • Dovetails into exisitng Access Control Systems & Security Systems
  • Scalabe to Store up to Hundreds of Individual Safes / Cases of Medications
  • Scalable up to 1,000+ Individual PIN Codes for Medics & Technicians to access medications
  • Can be customized





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Ambulance facility and 911 medic distribution center for narcotics medications to meet DEA compliance for Schedule I, II, III, IV, V storage and security of ambulance medications. 


Specialized Central Storage & Distribution of Narcotics Medications at the Ambulance Facility or Healthcare Center.Available in 

  • Scalable & Modular to Meet 911 Medical Unit Facilities of Any Size
  • Remote Authorization capable
  • Live Stream Audit capable
  • 2-factor Authentication capable

Storage Units for DEA Compliant Centralized Storage of Medications

We offer complete Custom Design / Build of these Medications Distributions Safes to meet your EMS facility needs & requirements for compliance of DEA controls.