Cannabis Transport Lockers


Modular Systems or Custom-Built Security

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RideSafe Integration
Complete seed-to-sale security for cannabis plants, products during transportation is vital to safety, security and compliance with state laws. Our secure transportation lockers can be custom sized to meet local market demands or available in standard sizes to outfit your entire fleet of cannabis delivery and transport vehicles. Vehicle transport lockers can be configured to any specs, lock upgrades, integrated with IP video surveillance tracking to all makes and models of transport vehicles.

Available in six standard sizes that can be floor mounted (bolted down) or wall mounted to interior cargo security cages or steel partitions.


  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • Stamped / Numbered Compartments
  • Biometric or IP Locks
  • Electronic Keypad locks

Integration with RideSafe to Protect Product in Transit:

Keep an eye on your cannabis assets as they travel with our mobile video surveillance products. Our rugged RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders are designed specifically to capture video on mid-sized vehicles, with integrated power supplies, and solid state electronics. These all-IP devices integrate with vehicle CAD and AVL systems so you can gather GPS data, speed and other vehicle information. Add in our mobile cameras for sharp, high resolution images to report any diversion or theft of cannabis product.

Vehicle metadata integration

Easily gather operator-initiated tagged events and vehicle metadata such as GPS location, vehicle number and speed, for comprehensive oversight of driver behavior and detailed post-incident investigations for any cannabis delivery and transportation business operation.