Slide-In Unit with IME-with access from both sides, Powder Compartment access from rear


IME-8-SA-TB, IME access from both sides, powder compartment access from rear.

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IME Transport Boxes- slide in Truck Bed storage Manufactured in the USA and complies with specifications that meet and/or exceed those standards established by the IME, and accepted by DOT, for the transport of detonators when other explosive materials are on the same vehicle IME Box compartment – IME SLP-22 guidelines having ½” plywood over ½” sheetrock Units available with or without toolboxes Type 3 Storage Magazines are designed for the transfer and temporary supervised storage of high and low explosives and detonators Units noting a powder storage compartment are used for the storage of low explosives such as black powder

Includes Toolboxes

• All units come with 2 - 10lbs fire extinguishers 

• Mounting brackets

• 4 Placards

• 1 loading pole

* Add forklift pockets for additional $385

Outside dimensions: 96” Long x 48” Wide x 52” Tall
IME inside dimensions: 43” Long x 26” Wide x23” Tall

Approx weight: 1,400 lbs