7110-01-475-9595 GSA Approved Class 5 Armory Vault Door Type IIR, Style K


This Class 5 armory vault doors is built to meet Federal Specification # AA-D-600D. The Armory vault door is utilized when storing non-classified materials such as weapons, narcotics, cash, evidence or other valuables. This door, equipped with the S&G 2937 mechanical dial lock that meets the FF-L-2937 rating, is not authorized for the storage of classified information.

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Class 5 GSA Approved Armory Vault Door Type IIR, Style K

GSA Approved

Type IIR, Style K

Right Swing

  • Without Optical Device

  • Net Weight: 1350 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 1500 lbs


Class 5 Protection | Red Label

US Government Class 5 doors have been tested and approved by the Government under Federal Specification AA-D-600D.

The Class 5-A Armory Door provides the following security protection:

  • • 30 man-minutes against covert entry
  • • 10 man-minutes against force entry

Lock Specifications:

  • Federal Specification AA-D-600D requires that combination locks used on GSA Approved Class 5-A Armory Doors must have locks meeting UL Standard 768, Federal Specification FF-L-2937 latest revision

The Federal specification for locks on all armory, arms room vault doors, CL5A doors is FF-L-2937.

 Wall Thickness for Class 5 Vault Door and Flanges

This door is listed as a Class V Armory vault door and is provided with a GSA Approved Class 5 Vault Door Label. Optional Day Gates are also available
Equipped with the following:
  • Emergency Release Device