7110-01-475-9593 GSA Approved Class 5 Armory Vault Door, Type IL, Style K


This Class 5 armory vault doors is built to meet Federal Specification # AA-D-600D. The Armory vault door is utilized when storing non-classified materials such as weapons, narcotics, cash, evidence or other valuables. This door, equipped with the S&G 2937 mechanical dial lock that meets the FF-L-2937 rating, is not authorized for the storage of classified information. 

Type IL, Style K with Optical Device

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Class 5 GSA Approved Armory Vault Door 7110-01-475-9593

GSA Approved

Type IL, Style K

Left Swing

  • With Optical Device

The optical device is also known as a "peep sight" . The Optical device is a wide angle tubular device that provides a greatly enlarged field of view. It is installed approx. 60" above the vault floor in the middle of the door. Customer is the specify whether the device is to view from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside of the vault room.  

  • Net Weight: 1350 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 1500 lbs

Wall Thickness for Class 5 Vault Door and Flanges


Class 5 Armory Vault Door NSN# 7110-01-475-9593 | Red Label

US Government Class 5 doors have been tested and approved by the Government under Federal Specification AA-D-600D.

The Class 5-A Armory Door provides the following security protection:

  • • 30 man-minutes against covert entry
  • • 10 man-minutes against force entry

Lock Specifications:

  • Federal Specification AA-D-600D requires that combination locks used on GSA Approved Class 5-A Armory Doors must have locks meeting UL Standard 768, Federal Specification FF-L-2937 latest revision

The Federal specification for locks on all armory, arms room vault doors, CL5A doors is FF-L-2937.


This door is listed as a Class V Armory vault door and is provided with a GSA Approved Class 5 Vault Door Label. Optional Day Gates are also available
Equipped with the following:
  • Emergency Release Device
  • Optical Device / peep sight