Class 6 vs. Class 5 GSA Approved Container | How to determine which is right for you

When it comes to securing and protecting classified and top secret information, it is extremely important that you buy the correct cabinet with the required security rating. The DOD and GSA have very specific requirements that must be adhered to  for matters of National Security of information.

In this article we’ll cover the basic questions you should ask yourself before you buy a GSA Approved security container. These questions will better help you understand the differences between a Class V and Class VI container, safe and file cabinet and what materials are appropriate to store in each class. Remember, it is always best to consult with your security officer or facility officer prior to purchase.

What am I storing?

If you are storing Classified Materials that have the level of Top Secret, Secret or Confidential, then both the Class 6 and Class 5 rated security containers are appropriate for use. It is very important to note that if you are storing any weapons, ammunition, or Category I, II, III, IV AA&E  materials or keys, you are required to buy a Class 5 safe or container.

The matrix below will help you quickly identify which container is best for you.


Type of Material   Class 5 GSA Approved   Class 6 GSA Approved
    Security Container   Security Container
Classified Material:        
     Confidential        YES        YES
     Secret        YES        YES 
     Top Secret        YES        YES
Category I, II, III, IV        YES        NO
Arms, Ammunition &        YES        NO
Explosives        YES        NO
Keys to Category I & II AA&E        YES        NO
Keys to Category III & IV AA&E        YES        NO


Remember, it is very important to purchase the correct security level for your storage requirements. When faced with an audit, you will be required to have the appropriate GSA-Approved security container on site and ready. If you need assistance, we are here to help! Call 765-463-7972 or Click Live Chat at any time!