FireKing Cabinet Lock Options

Lock It Up Tight!

                Cabinets and safes aren’t the only great thing about the FireKing Security Group. One of the reasons this company is a leader in the security field is the wide variety of options and accessories they offer with all their products. FireKing allows you to customize their products so they fit your business and your needs. The security field isn’t about catch-all products; because the meaning of security can change rapidly depending how you choose to apply it.


fireproof file cabinet

                If you have purchased one FireKing’s fireproof file cabinets, great first move! But your purchase shouldn’t over yet. You have to decide what locking options your business needs. Does each drawer need its own separate lock? If so, does one drawer hold more sensitive material and needs a stronger lock? How many employees will have access? Should the new system be combination or key, mechanical or electronic? These are questions that you have to be able to answer to ensure that your security needs are fulfilled.

Lock upgrades for fire file cabinets

(The darker circles represent digital or dial locks while the lighter circles stand for key locks)

Lock Options

                FireKing’s lock options have been rated by Underwriters Laboratories.  Among the many choices are the UL Group 2 Combination Lock and the UL Group 1R Manipulation-Proof Combination Lock. If you’re looking for something more hi-tech, then the UL Group 1R Self-Powered Mas-Hamilton X-09 Lock might be for you. This electronic lock has three modes of operation (which include dual responsibility). That gives it 500 billion possible combinations! All of its dimensions are industry standard and can be retrofitted with Group 1 and Group 2 mechanical locks. Another great digital option is the FireKing UL Group 2 Electronic Lock; it features an electronic lock master code. With that you can control who has access to the drawer by adding, changing or deleting up to eight different user codes. Each time the drawer is closed, it automatically locks and can be reopened within five seconds by entering the correct six-button combination and with one million possible combinations that makes it is virtually impenetrable.

                There are also different options required for specific models. The Safe-in-the-File design can have key or e-lock options installed in regular drawers but the outer safe door available in key lock only. Remember all the options available to you when purchase one of FireKing’s fireproof cabinets like the FireKing 25, the Signature Series, the Turtle model and the International.

       knows that one of the keys to security is customization. You need to decide what level of security you want in your cabinets and who you want to have access to them. FireKing products will make that decision a lot easier.