ISOO Notice 2012-4 and Procurement of GSA Approved Security Containers


ISOO Notice 2012-4: Additional Guidance on Standards for Security Equipment

The purpose of this notice is to provide additional guidance on the safeguarding of classified national security information in General Service Administration (GSA) approved security containers.

1)      Procurement of GSA Approved Security Containers


32 CFR 2001.42(a) Storage, prescribes that “…whenever new secure storage equipment is procured, it shall be in conformance with the standards and specifications established by the Administrator of the GSA, and shall, to the maximum extent possible, be of the type available through the Federal Supply System.”


Classified Information may not be stored in security containers that have been reconditioned, refurbished, or remanufactured and obtained outside of the authorized GSA procurement process. GSA security containers sold to private parties through government reutilization processes, may not be refurbished, reconditioned, recertified and purchased as a GSA approved security container intended for the storage of classified information. This process circumvents the established performance verification process that GSA mandates Original Equipment Manufacturers’ to uphold. A “GSA Approved Label” cannot be reproduced and can only be procured by Original Equipment Manufacturers or GSA approved training institutions, who have been authorized by GSA.


This does not preclude opening and repair of existing GSA Approved security containers IAW Federal Standard 809, “Federal Standard: Neutralization and Repair of GSA Approved Containers and Vault Doors.”


2)      Elimination of Non-GSA Approved Security Containers


Effective October 1, 2012 classified national security information cannot be stored in Non-GSA approved security containers per 32 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 2001.43(b), “Requirements for physical protection.” Any classified materials stored in Non-GSA approved security containers should be moved to authorized storage containers.