Federal Spec AA-C-2859A

Weapons Storage:

Federal Specifications Represent the Best in Security Standards

Class 5 Weapons Cabinets and Safes

                There are lots of items and materials that need to be stored securely. Records, money, narcotics, dangerous chemicals, sensitive information of many types but secure storage is at the utmost importance when it comes to handling weapons. Firearms, ammunition, explosives, parts and weapons repair equipment should always be considered at-risk. They are stolen because they are worth money to the people who cannot legally obtain them. Then there are insurance risks, accidents and any number of potential threats to think about when storing firearms. The first step you should take is having a secure area; then you need a secure storage container. If you’re working for the local/state/federal government or you’re a government contractor then you need one that can pass the standards set by Federal Specification AA-C-2859A.


                Developed by the federal government and the General Services Administration (GSA); this specification is concerned with the standards of un-insulated weapons storage cabinets. What they’re made of, protecting against forced entry and the way they’re used. The specification was last updated in April of 2007; this update superseded the version developed in 1994.

                There are many factors that need to be checked off to qualify for specification approval; for example, a cabinet design must be proofed against a certain type of forced entry. An approved design must be Class 5 and be able to stand against 10 man-minutes of forced entry. There are also two distinct styles available under the specification; Style A which has a channel base assembly and Style B which does not.  A combination lock is also required and it must be Design K which is key changeable. The specification also discusses the materials needed for construction; such as the steel used, the face hardware, the finishing materials and how the cabinet should be constructed.

                This specification works together with other federal standards like FF-L-2937, TT-C-490 and PPP-C-650. As well as ASTM standards like D5486 and given the purpose, it should come to no surprise that military standards like MIL-STD-129 are a factor as well. The focus of all these standards shows how serious the federal government takes the storage of weapons.

                A detailed read-through of the specification can be found on this GSA page. It’s worth reading because it has all facts about AA-C-2859A that you’ll need.

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                The Class 5 Weapons Storage Safe is a great design. It’s made of military grade plate steel and offers some of the best security available for everything from handguns to rifles. It has roll-out rifle carts available and the safe can hold up to 32 weapons in total. Optional drawers and shelves are available for items like handguns and ammunition. Add a one year warranty to that and you’re looking at a safe and secure design.

                Our Class 5 Safes are also rated for the storage of weapons and depending on the model; are great choices for whatever environment you might need to use them in.

                This series of articles about federal specifications isn’t about getting you to buy our products; they’re about making sure that you have as much information about the rules, regulations and standards that we as sellers and you as buyers need to live by. Following these guides isn’t just the legal thing to do; it is the responsible course of action to take.