What is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)?

A sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) is a secure location where individuals can meet to discuss and view sensitive issues in complete privacy. They are found in government buildings, high-level corporate offices, and on defense contractor facilitates.

Their specifications vary, but they are undoubtedly one of the most trusted locations you can find and the best possible places to have an unmonitored conversation. They are generally immune to computer hacking, cell phone monitoring, listening devices, or any other kind of communication breach.

SCIFs are often devoid of windows to keep out prying eyes, but they may also have bomb proof walls, closed circuit video cameras, reinforced steel doors, biometric security measures, and even their own air supply. Electronic jamming technologies are often used to keep any prevent transmissions in or out of the SCIF, with secure encrypted lines the only permissible forms of communication.

Presidents Bush and Obama have been known to use mobile SCIFs. These tent-like structures are designed to be erected in the field, or in hotels, so that the commander-in-chief can hold meetings with top-level officials and not worry about any information leaks.

These mobile SCIFs may not look secure, but the president’s sensitive compartmented information facility has to be constructed to strict government standards whether it is fixed or mobile. This means that it needs to be soundproof and have its own intruder alert system.

There is a SCIF in the House of Congress for members to discuss issue of military intelligence. More can be found in the Department of Homeland Security and in U.S. military stations around the world.

In the private sector, SCIFs are used to protect a company’s most closely guarded secrets. New product lines, or the development of military vehicles, are ideal candidates for a SCIF because with limited access, they ensure that your classified information is only shared with the people in that room. SCIF locks include the KabaMas X-09 and other approved locks. Many SCIF facilities are outfitted with high security GSA Approved containers and safes for the storage of documents and materials.

So, if you are looking for the ultimate security room for your facilities, a sensitive compartmented information facility is the best option available.

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