Review the Class 6, 4 Drawer File Cabinet


Today we are going to review the GSA Approved, Class 6 Security Container. Built in a variety of configurations, the Class 6 security rating is given to file cabinets, safes, lockers and storage cabinets that meet stringent construction standards for the storage of sensitive, classified and/or top secret documents and materials.

Class 6, 4 Drawer File Cabinet




In general, every Class 6 safe, cabinet or storage container must meet the most recent Federal Specification #FF-L-2740. This standard means that each GSA Approved container has a lock requirement for either the KabaMas X-09, S&G 2740 or the S&G 2937 (previously the S&G 8550 lock). Field safes come standard with the S&G mechanical locks to maintain higher levels of integrity in the field. As mobile GSA Safes are subject to the harsh or rugged environments, the S&G lock proves to be more reliable in such conditions. All Class 6 file cabinets come standard with the X-09 lock, a digital electromechanical lock that is self powered. This lock provided two person integrity (TPI) and access control.


Every GSA Approved Security Container is available in a variety of paint color choices. This includes gray, black or parchment. Each color choice is represented by its own distinct NSN # (National Stock Number). Standard paint methods are wet painted while many of the refurbished or re-certified containers are powder coated. 


One of the most common misconceptions about the Class 6 safe or container is that it is the highest security rating available by DoD standards. In fact, just the opposite is true - a Class 6 container is the lower security rated container when compared to the Class 5. This does not mean you are sacrificing physical security, it simply means that the Class 5 is engineered to a higher standard. As such the materials that can be stored in the Class 5 are broader.