Encryption Devices | SIPRNET & GSA Approved IPS Cabinets

There are a variety of pieces of COMSEC equipment including encryption devices and hardware that require the use of a GSA Approved Security Container. IPS Cabinets, or SIPRNET IPS ContainerInformation Processing Systems that process classified and/or top secret information must be stored in an appropriate cabinet that meets Federal or DoD requirements and policies. 





IPS containers are specifically designed to house COMSEC electronic equipment in a secure environment. These containers are engineered to DoD specifications and allow for continuous airflow across sensitive computer equipments while providing filtration. While there are a variety of manufactueres including Diebold, Trusted Systems and Hamilton Products Group, the typical lead time can reach up to 90 days during peak procurement months.

All IPS Containers have a cable entry box that is lockable, allowing power, ethernet and other flavors of connectivity to run into the cabinet and power servers, switches, routers and other SIPRNET physical security equipment. It is important to note that modifications cannot be made to any GSA Approved cabinet such as the Class 5 IPS Container. Any modifications such as welding, bolting, cutting, etc will void the GSA-approval label. DO NOT MODIFY THE CONTAINER IN ANY MANNER.

Typical installation includes putting the IPS cabinet near a receptacle with standard 120V AC / 20 amp service. This is required to power the internal fans that circulate free air, ensuring proper cooling and optimal operating environment.


Pros and Cons to Classified Storage Containers

In some cases new Class 5 containers must be procured for the storage of SIPRNET equipment. Generally speaking it may be cost prohbitive in the long term to retrofit an existing container with an updated X-09 lock (per Federal Spec # FF-L-2740) However, it is recommended that best price quotes are obtained to determine if a recertified container will exceed your budget. Older containers that have undergone prolong usage may require additional service that is not needed in a new container with factory warranty.