The Definitive List of Safe Manufacturers

54 Safe Manufacturers That Will Help You Lock It Up Tight!

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Individuals and companies need safes and secure containers for a variety of reasons; money, documents, sensitive materials, weapons, family heirlooms, chemicals and basically anything that needs protection.  You need the right safe for the right objects in the right place. So it’s not as simple as picking up the first box with a lock you see. You have options and every consumer has to resist the urge to pick the first good deal they see. Product research can be snap in the age of Google and we’re going to do you another solid, here is a list of 54 companies that produce and sale brand name safes. Investigate and decide which product fits you the best. Compare the pros and cons and read customer or product reviews online.

                1. Hamilton Safe: Founded in 1967, this company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of physical security products, pneumatic tube systems and audio/video systems in the United States. They sell their products through authorized dealers under the brand names Hamilton Safe, Hamilton Air and Hamilton Products Group. They are based in Fairfield, OH where they operate 350,000 sq ft of manufacturing space. They have a wide variety of products for commercial, private and government needs. For banks they have vault doorssafety deposit boxesundercounter steel and safes. For law enforcement and government agencies they have; weapons storageevidence lockers and entrance control systems.

                2ioSafe: This Company is a leader in disaster-proof hardware, NAS storage and digital safes. Since 2005 they have provided unparalleled protection against fire, flood and theft.  They were founded in 2004 in California. In 2006 ioSafe was awarded the Golden Mousetrap Award by Design News magazine. In 2008 they were the first company to market a 3.5” internal hard drive with integrated disaster protection and in 2009 they were the first to have an external disaster-proof hard drive. For the home office they have products like the ioSafe Rugged Portable hard drive. For the business sector there is the Solo External hard drive and for Enterprise products, they have the ioSafe N2 NAS RAID , the only Fireproof/waterproof NVR for video surveillance and ioSafe SoloPRO SSD.

                 3. Hamilton Products Group: This Hamilton brand has been dedicated to providing GSA containers and other physical security products to federal government contractors for over two decades. They don’t only produce GSA containers but other security products like money safesrifle storageweapons drawers and vault doors.

                4. FireKing Security Group: They began in 1951 and have been making quality products since then. Their products are available in over 85 countries. Through smart business practices and strategic acquisitions, they have evolved from manufacturing fire files systems to a broad producer of security and asset protection products.  For various applications they have the Gary by FireKing Specialty Safes, for businesses they have their line of Cash Handling Safes and their McGunn Standards. For commercial and retail they have, the Adesco and the EXL.

                5SentrySafe: This brand is the flagship line of the John D. Brush & Co. A family owned safe manufacturing company which has been in business since 1930. Based out of Rochester, New York; they construct and sell home, business and weapons safes and they have five functions in their products; security, fire-resistance, water-proofed, digital media storage & protection and firearms storage & protection. They have offices in the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan. Among their home safes are big bolts fire safessecurity safes and executive safes. For gun safes they have; security gun safes and fire-safe gun safes. Their line of commercial products includes; record-documents cabinets and safes and fire files.

                6Schwab Corp: Founded in 1872 in Lafayette, Indiana; Schwab is a globally respected manufacturer of security products. For over 136 years they’ve been setting the standard for customer service and they have the most respected dealership network in the United States. In 2004 they introduced their patented Insulite insulation process which increased overall protection of fire files by 300%. In 2008 they were acquired by SentrySafe. Their product lines include; record safes, vault & safe room doorsmedia & data safes and their Schwab fire file cabinets.

                7. Brown Safe:  In the last 25 years this family-owned security company has produced some of the world’s more secure safes.  Each is hand-built by skilled craftsmen and today their facilities’ cover over 40, 000 sq ft of manufacturing space. After focusing on military contracts, they launched their efforts into the high-end safe market in the early 2000s. The company website is important to them and they keep a close eye on their online forum for industry news and what customers want. Their product lines divide into three sections; luxury safe/vaultsresidential safes & vaults and commercial safes & vaults.

                8. GunVault: An industry leader and innovator for the last 20 years, GunVault produces many different safes for your firearms and they offer the latest in technology solutions for handguns and other weapons.  They offer such handgun safes as the; MicrovaultMicrovault BiometricMini & Mini DeluxeMini & Multi Bio, the Nano Vault 100/200 and the Nano Vault 300. For accessories they have several apparel items. GunVault also produces gun locks; the AR MagVault and the BREECHVAULT.

                9. Liberty Safe:  Based out of Utah, this company manufactures residential and commercial safes. Founded in 1988, they started out building safes in rental storage units and today Liberty Safe has a 205,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Their products are tested by Underwriters Laboratories and pass UL requirements. Their list of innovations includes 4-in-1 Flex Interior for their gun safes and their accessory door panel is also popular for firearm protection. Liberty Safe has several different lines; Liberty SafesFatboy SafesCompact Safes and Specialty Safes. They also offer accessories for their various safes including installation care.

                10. Gardall: This manufacturer has 55 distribution warehouses and connections to over 3500 retail dealers. They offer fire protection safes, gun and pistol safes, wall-mounted concealed safes, media and record safes and commercial safes and depositories. For fire protection they have; the U.L. Rated 2-Hour Fire Safe, the 1-Hour Microwave Fire Safe and the U.L. Rated Burglar/Fire Safe. For commercial uses they have; Double Door Depositories, their Commercial In-Floor Safes and the Light Duty Commercial Depositories. Gardall also sells heavy duty and regular wall safes and they offer tips on which safe would be right for you.

                11. American Security: Founder Glen Hall founded American Security in the late 1940s in California. In the 1960s they developed new door construction technology and in 1994 they developed safes with composite construction. They were the first domestic to obtain the coveted UL TL15 and TL30 Burglary rating for a high composite safe. American Security produces over 60,000 safes a year and has over 400 employees. They sell numerous gun safeswall safescash management safesfloor safes and burglary & fire safes. American Security also offers a wide range of electronic lock options and electronic security. One of their latest products is the AMSEC Defense Vault, perfect for home security needs.

                12. Corporate Safe: This Company is one of the largest commercial and restaurant retail safe suppliers in the nation. Corporate Safe was established by three safety experts who are devoted to protecting the interests of their customers. Their client list includes many Fortune 500 companies. The variety of commercial and small business safes they sell include undercounter safesrotary hoppers safesdrop drawers safesdeposit slot safesc-rate safes and standard safes. Corporate Safe’s residential line is composed of finger print safes and fireproof safes. They also sell the Treasury Series and rolled coin dispensers.

                13. Dean Safe Company: Located in California, Dean Safe Company is the largest safe supplier on the west coast. Founded in 1978, they have a safe inventory in the thousands. They stock everything from small jewel safes to 6,000 pound high security vaults and they offer discreet delivery and expert installation. Their products include; gun safeshandgun and pistol safeshome & office safeswall safesfloor safesbiometric (fingerprint) safesdrop safesused safes & used vaultsdorm safesnarcotic safes and gun cabinets. Dean Safe Company offers expert safe advice and safe locks. They also offer a variety of burglar-proof jewelry/gold/cash safes.

                14. Fort Knox Security Products: This Company takes pride in all of its products being made in America.  Their accessories and options set them apart as they offer lifetime warranties, clutch driven spinner handles, reinforced steel liners, relockers, uni-body construction and many more. They also offer testimonials from such celebrities as Bobby Labonte, Bo Derek and Norman Schwarzkopf.  Fort Knox has several different lines of safes to choose from; the Legend series, the Titan series, the Executive series, the Guardian series, the Protector and Defender series, the Maverick series and they also produce vault doors and handgun safes.

                15. Onity: Originally called TESA Entry Systems, this company was founded in 1941 as a lock manufacturer. Today, they are part of UTC Fire & Security who provides fire safety and security solutions to over a million customers worldwide.  Since 1984, Onity has installed 3.7 million electronic locks around the world. They are headquartered in Georgia and have manufacturing sites in Spain, Mexico, China and the United States. Onity is well known for their electronic locks; the HT22, the Integra 5, the ADVANCE, the CodePro and the HT28 Smart. They also produce electronic safes, such as the OS600, the OS400 and the OS200.

                16. Elsafe: This Corporation specializes in electronic locks and in-room safes. Elsafe has been operating in the hospitality field since 1978 and their products have been installed in over 39,000 properties around the world. That translates into over 6.5 million hotel rooms in 166 countries. Elsafe is part of ASSA BLOY, a world leader in locking solutions. Their electronic safe lines include; the Infinity II, the Sentinel II, the Xtra II Standard, the Xtra II Drawer, the Xtra II Floor and the Xtra II On-Wall. Elsafe also makes electronic locks and sells system software for their products.