Ratings & Standards

Find UL Ratings, ETL ratings, GSA storage requirements and more.


ASTM International develops international standards for materials, products, systems and services used in construction, manufacturing and transportation. Learn how our products are tested, evaluated and meet these rigorous standards.

Class 5 & 6

Developed by the Department of Defense (DOD), these GSA Approved security ratings offer the highest security. Learn which rating applies to your situation.


Products with an ETL Listed Mark is proof of product compliance to the North American safety standards. Learn about fire, water and security testing from ETL.

TL Rating

Storing narcotics or controlled substances? Perhaps jewelry or valuables? TL-Rated safes provide outstanding security that also meets DEA Approved regulations.

UL Ratings

People and businesses that are serious about records protection, document retention and business continuity know that a safe or fireproof file with a UL Rating is the best you can buy. Learn more about UL Fire and Impact Ratings.