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Vault Doors from Schwab Corp and Sentry Safe

Provides tough response to a delicate security requirement

Since 1872 our bank vault doors have been the best choice of business vaults and residential home gun rooms. Available in 78" x 32" or 78" x 40" clear openings, all doors carry the UL 350 fire safe rating with up to 6 hours of fireproof security and peace of mind to protect you valuables.

Sentry Safe Vault Door quote

Locking Bolts B Rated Door for Mercantile Security Group II Combination Lock

• Massive yet pleasing architectural appearance

• Standard size is 78” x 32" or 78" x 40" clear opening

• Maintenance-free finish in 4 Colors

• Right- or left-hand swing

• Easy Assembly and Installation with bolt-in frame

• Ten (10) 1 1/4" Locking Deadbolts

• UL listed Group 1 or 2 combination locks

• UL listed 155 Compliant

• Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance Rating


Day gate options include:
• Brushed Aluminum Finish

• Heavy Duty Key Lock
• Right of Left Swing

• Optional electric locks, biometric or time movement

• Automatic Door Closers

• Left Swing or Right Swing

Modular Vault

The Insulated Vault Door should be utilized here an N.F.P.A. rated fire resistant vault is appropriate. The Insulated File Room Door should be specified in an instance where the construction of a fi re resistant vault is impractical, but maximum protection from fire is still warranted. All Schwab doors carry a Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance rating for security, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. labels and certifications for times specified.

The unique design of the Schwab door frame allows for easy, non-grout installation in walls 7” - 18” thick.

Modular Vault with the Sentry Safe Vault Door Saves time and construction costs

Hamilton vault panels allow easy construction of UL rated vaults where weight requirements, or time constraints, are prohibitive. Vault panel construction is lighter and much faster than conventional reinforced concrete construction and panels come in four rating classes including III, II, I and M. For complete details contact us Toll Free 1-866-867-0306.