ME4 Discreet IR Dome Camera


Capture high-quality video surveillance discreetly, day or night, with the powerful ME4 Discreet IR Dome. This full-featured camera measures just 2.5 inches (5.8 cm) in diameter, and has a modular design with a separate encoder, allowing for concealment inside a wall or ceiling.

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Product Details
The ability to incorporate IR technology into such a small footprint is unique, and allows the ME4 Discreet IR Dome to see what the human eye can’t — even in complete darkness. The camera features 4 micro-IR LEDs, which provide uniform illumination in darkness, capturing clear video of objects over 49 feet (15 meters) away.
  • 4MP resolution
  • Compact, modular design for discreet surveillance
  • Integrated IR LEDs for clear video in total darkness
  • High Dynamic Range
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Features hallway mode (90° rotation for vertical view)