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Transaction Windows

Transaction Windows

Transaction Windows for Walk-up or Drive Thru at Banks, Restaurants and Retail Pharmacy

Hamilton offers every component necessary to make your drive-up operations safe, secure and efficient.

• Maintenance-free stainless steel construction inside and out
• Bullet resistive glass
• Frames as well as glass are UL rated
• Hurricane rated:
  - approved by Miami-Dade County, Florida, building code compliance
  - approved for second-story installation

Turn Key and Custom Sizes Available

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Transaction windows for banks, credit unions bulletproof glass

High security glass BR Rated

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  • Remote Teller (IRT) Interactive Remote Location Bank Teller for CRM

    Hamilton’s IRT system allows a teller to serve customers from a remote location as close as just behind the wall, or up to several hundred feet away.  Cash, coin and receipts are moved easily and effortlessly between your representative and your customer using industry acclaimed Hamilton Air pneumatic systems.


    • PREMIUM CUSTOMER RELATIONS (CRM) as your representative maintains personal contact with your customer

    • HIGH SECURITY & SAFETY Where security is an issue, IRT offers your people maximum protection in an inaccessible location

    • ACCURATE COMMUNICATIONS State-of-the-art audio and video technology enable accurate communications

    • REDUCED STAFF REQUIREMENTS One service representative can serve multiple selling stations

    • CAPTIVE AUDIENCE MARKETING When not in use for communication between your sales person and customer, the video screen maybe programmed to cross sell financial services from loans to credit cards. It can even be programmed to display financial news from cable TV.

    Learn More
  • Hamilton Air 5501 Teller Audio Console for Drive Up and Drive Thru Lanes

    • The clearest digital audio technology
    • Consoles available to serve up to 12 remote drive-up lanes
    • User selectable background "Noise Canceling" feature
    • User programmable "Auto Greeter" functionality
    • Easy change color-code system for drive-up lanes
    • Built-in wireless headset port
    • Membrane keypad rated for two million uses
    • Combines easily with Hamilton Air’s Tell-R-TV video systems
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  • Hamilton Air 5550 Teller Audio Video Console for Drive Up and Drive Thru Lanes

    • Large 10" color LCD display
    • Screen height and angle are easily adjusted
    • Built in color camera with tilt feature
    • Comes with adjustable stand, but wall mounting options are available as well
    Learn More
  • Hamilton Air 5517 Teller Audio Video Console for Drive Up and Drive Thru Lanes

      • Large 10” color LCD with optional "Sun Viewable" display
      • Can be included in new installations or added to existing Hamilton Air HA-1000, HA-45, HA-47 and HA-33 equipment
      • Wide dynamic color camera
      • Low maintenance stainless steel and ABS construction
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