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Class M Spec Sheet

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Class M Protection

UL Listed Class M Vault Door carries a 15 minute torch and tool attack rating meeting and exceeding all insurance standards.


UL Rating ------ Equilvalent To

Class 3
Class 2
Class 1
Class M
TRTL 120X6

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Hamilton Products Group GSA Safes

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Hamilton Class M Vault Door

Provides tough response to a delicate security requirement

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The best bank vault door must meet the same two requirements made by financial institutions, securities dealers, gem and precious metal traders alike. The door must be tough and it must be architecturally impressive. The Hamilton Vault door meets both demands easily.

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• Massive yet pleasing architectural appearance

• Standard size is 36” by 79” clear opening

• Extra-wide, extra-high sizes available

• Maintenance-free stainless-steel construction

• Right- or left-hand swing

• Floor-level threshold

• Stainless-steel, heat-dissipating locking bar runs full height of door

• UL listed dual combination locks

• UL listed 144-hour, three-movement time locks

• Door trim is available in brushed stainless steel or black

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Day gate options include:
• Smoked acrylic glaze
• Polished bar-type grill
• Self-closing
• Custom name option

• Optional electric lock allows remote activation of day gate

• Emergency phone built into door frame

• Integrated light switch reduces installation time and costs


Hamilton’s Modular Vault saves time and construction costs

Hamilton vault panels allow easy construction of UL rated vaults where weight requirements, or time constraints, are prohibitive. Vault panel construction is lighter and much faster than conventional reinforced concrete construction and panels come in four rating classes including III, II, I and M. For complete details contact our Hamilton Safe dealer.

Pictures of Vault Construction